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web performance audits & repair

Site Speed & Optimization

Constant Reach Media Radius Square App Profile Picture Social Media 600x600 Digital Consulting Agency

Performance & speed audit

We use real time data from powerful engines to see a detailed report of your site's performance.

We inspect the reports

Once the issues are identified, we clone your site into a testing server to test and apply the necessary fixes.

Apply all the fixes

We repair all the issues related to scripts, plugin or add-on conflicts, and databases.

We test the results

We will show you the effects of the changes, and how to keep track of the performance. Are you ready to talk to us?

Is your website slow?

Very few times there is only one culprit when it comes to slow websites, and long loading times. People tend to believe that only “more content will make a site slower”, but the truth is that most of the time we are barely using 25% of the resources on our server.

Common scenarios for slow sites are:

1) The more functions and extensions we add to our site, the higher the risk of loading conflicts, network errors, or even crashing sites. This can be reviewed by our performance pro, who will first run a compatibility check and then look for bugs.

2) Website is not fully configured, and could be missing important settings as to how the website should be loaded for faster display (JS parsing, Async, caching settings, etc.). This is commonly missed unless an experienced developer has participated in the development.

3) Malware. If your site has been infected with malicious malware, it could be adding tons of external weight to your site, redirecting to other websites, and in even worse cases, stealing data or financial information. This would be the worst-case scenario and should be addressed immediately.

Easier Shown Than Promised

“Let's talk about your site speed issues, there is a solution for everyone.”
Leo C. - Website Optimizer

Google research shows

1 %

Be Fast On Mobile

1 %
of web traffic is via mobile
3+ seconds of loading time
53% of users leave the site
6+ seconds loading time
increases bounce probability by 90%
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